One phrase that captures the essence of John Cook is, “Let’s go!” I first noticed him use it while we were on a trip in Athens, Greece. We were somewhere between the Acropolis and Mars Hill, and the group had stopped, uncertain about the next sight to see. Standing around and talking about it is not in John’s blood, and finally he could take no more. “Let’s go!” On to the next thing, the next project, the next acquisition, the next expansion, the next building on the master plan.

John Cook is a man of action, who not only has the perspective of a visionary, but also the dogged tenacity of a producer. He doesn’t just plan, but also pursues the plan to the end. And when it is complete, he will go on to the next thing, taking a lot of people with him. That’s why it is not “I am going,” but rather, “Let’s go.” He is not merely a talker, but a doer. That quality has served him well all the years he has followed Jesus Christ.

A lot of people talk about the example and instructions of Jesus, but don’t do much about it. For over fifteen years, I’ve watched John consider the commands of Christ and say, “Let’s go!” And a lot of people have gone with him.

Dr. Steve Bateman

Senior Pastor, First Bible Church, Decatur, Alabama

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